Yoga Teachers

Our yoga teachers are qualified with at least 200 hours of Yoga Australia recognised training in addition to regular ongoing training. With a combined teachcing experience of over 25 years, you will get the quality attention and instruction needed to either learn yoga poses if you are a beginner or deepen your practise for those that are more advanced.


Anita did her 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training with Santosha Yoga and her 50 Hr Yin Yoga training with Bodhi Yoga. She hasn’t looked back since! As a life-long student, she continuously integrates her new passions and knowledge from her personal practice into her classes.

Her classes and personal practice revolve around finding balance and contentment in the challenge. She encourages her students to learn to let go of complexities and come back to what is simple and joyfully nourishing. She emphasizes kindness and gentle self-care as the key factors to developing a healthy and long term yoga practice for all of her diverse clients and hopes to help you do the same.

Her favourite pose is Savasana as it presents itself as the perfect opportunity to surrender the mind, body and breath to its natural transformative and healing state.


Hi there! I completed my teacher training in Hatha yoga in 2014. I love teaching beginners and like to deliver classes in an upbeat flow with a healthy dose of humour to keep things from getting too serious! If you have thought “oh, I’m not flexible enough or fit enough to do yoga” then you are welcome to join me and see where the journey takes you….

I look forward to seeing you on the mat…



Doha’s yoga journey began 8 years ago when she attended a Bikram yoga class. After practicing yoga she began to notice changes within herself. The more she practiced the more change she experienced. Doha explains how yoga transformed her life on many different levels, from physical, emotional, mental to spiritual. These changes are what made her full in love with yoga.
Doha is extremely passionate about yoga and wants to help people experience the changes she has experienced. This is what inspired her to become a yoga teacher. She completed a diploma in yoga teacher training at the Victorian Institute of Yoga, in Hatha Yoga. She then started exploring and practicing different styles of yoga, like Iyengar yoga and Ashtanga yoga. Doha believes that yoga is far more deeper then just physical movement. “with commitment and continuous practice of yoga, a person may start to experience good health, inner peace and happiness”, she says.
Furthermore these qualities have transpired into her daily life through her eating and sleeping habits, to daily meditation practices. Realising that meditation is medicine for the mind, she decided to attend a 10 day vipasana meditation course, to balance her physical yoga practice with her mental yoga practice.
Doha is currently studying a naturopath course to become more knowledgeable in how food nourishes the body and learn how the body can heal its self naturally, by empowering an individual to achieve their highest possible level of health.


Bio coming soon…


Oxana first discovered yoga about 10 years ago after migrating to Australia whilst trying to settle into a new life in a new country. Moving to a new country was not an easy journey for Oxana and her family. It wasn’t long before she was inspired by yoga, its athletic practice, and the self-acceptance that yoga provided. It became clear that yoga offered more than just physical Asana practice. She was able to find inner peace and sense of calm that helped her release any tension and provided more clarity both on and off the mat. 

Before coming to Australia, Oxana was a high school teacher for 10 years. One day, Oxana happened to take one of Rosie Hooker’s yoga classes (one of the other instructors at Soul Tree Yoga Studio) and was profoundly influenced by her. Rosie was the first yoga teacher she felt a real connection with. And it was from this connection that Oxana decided to combine her teaching skills and passion for yoga and train to become a yoga teacher herself. She completed her first 200-hour teacher training with Power Living and continues to take various training.

Oxana’s is passionate about Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga as well as meditation.

She invites everyone in her class to learn and grow together, accept our imperfections and practice ahimsa through asanas. Yoga is being able to be in the moment and allow for the opportunity to laugh while pushing yourself on your own personal yoga journey.


Paul studied Yoga in the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar with the Yoga Institute under the guidance of Michael de Manincor in 2014. With his discovery of Yoga a little later in life, Paul’s interests include mindful aspects of Yoga including meditation.

Paul has also completed short training courses in Yoga Psychology and Teaching Yoga for Cancer. He is interested in exploring Yoga with its benefits to the aging population in which gentle movement can lead to greater strength and balance, and meditation for inner peace. Paul also volunteers as a Yoga teacher to parents and carers at The Children’s Hospital. Outside Yoga, Paul has a passion for running and swimming. Paul is a registered teacher with Yoga Australia.

Paul believes that Yoga is available for everyone, and emphasises the importance of the breath in the practice of Yoga.


Rosie is a yoga instructor, green food junkie, weight loss expert and health coach. Rosie comes from a background of Holistic Nutrition having completed her Diploma in 2003 and Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine in 2016. However, it was during a trip to Bali that Rosie discovered her love for yoga. The discovery inspired her to explore all styles of yoga and all that yoga has to offer. She completed her yoga training at Power Living in 2015 under the guidance of Duncan Peak and his team of facilitators and in 2016 went on to complete Yin Yoga training with Sarah Powers of Insight Yoga. Rosie loves the fun and challenging sequences that Vinyasa Yoga has to offer and how Yin Yoga helps one to adapt to the ups and downs of life and to manage change with grace. As a reflection of her training, Rosie’s sequences for Vinyasa Flow tend to be in a Yang Yin style.  She encourages her students to remain curious, to explore all lineages and facets of yoga and to follow the path of self-enquiry. Rosie has an interest in mental health and aims to cultivate positivity on and off the mat. She often brings breathing practices into her sequences, coaching students to stay grounded in the moment by breathing more fully, deeply and consciously.

Through her anatomy studies both at Nature Care College and Power Living, Rosie has a great understanding of how the body works. She empowers her students to challenge their limitations and to use the practice as a tool to discover innate joy and possibilities. Rosie loves how nutrition and yoga complement one another by honouring the body and believes that a regular yoga practice, a balanced diet, and specific nutritional supplements can radically change one’s state of health in a matter of months.  Her students are the inspiration that ground her to this path of service.


Simon started practicing hatha yoga while studying at university. Yoga proved to be helpful in both his recovery time with sport but also with hadnling the stress of university exams. After 7 years in the corporate environment as a computer programmer, with the yoga practice continuing, he began yoga teacher training with the aim of bringing a better balance to his life.
Simon completed his Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at Nature College St Leonards in 2007. While he initially practised an alignment focused hatha yoga style, his classes have moved towards a more flowing practice with an intent towards generating an internal feeling of postures following the influences of Donna Harhi, Simon Borg-Olivier, Bianca Machliss and Twee Merrigan. Simon has taught adults and kids classes privately and in groups in studios, at schools, and corporate settings.
Simon continues to evolve his classes seeking a balance between physical alignment, flowing movement and the presence of breath and mind for yoga students of all ages. He believes in the value of related and complementary modalities and practices Tai Chi and indoor climbing. He is also a qualified Craniosacral, Western Remedial and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupressure Massage Therapist. Simon’s latest explorations that are expanding his understanding of Yoga have lead him to undertake training as an Alexander Technique Teacher.